Queens Road Surgery : 01207 585890

Queens Road Surgery is a modern, purpose-built surgery in the grounds of Shotley Bridge Hospital, with a branch service at Moorside, Consett. it is a 11 GP, six partner surgery with a growing list of 14,500 patients. We use a triage system so that most of the appointment slots are filled by the on-call GP, with assistance from our Nurse Practitioners who also see minor ailments. However, there are also bookable appointments for patients to use.

As well as morning and afternoon surgeries, the Nurse Practitioners run evening surgeries every Tuesday and Thursday until 19.30.

Much of the care home visiting is dealt with by our Nurse Practitioners.

Lows pharmacy is on site at both premises and can provide advice, if required.

Our Doctors

Dr Andrea Clarke

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Interests: teaching and training, sports/musculoskeletal medicine, joint injections.

Dr David Graham

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Interests: COPD, diabetes, minor surgery, teaching and training

Dr Howard Versey

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Interests: teaching and training, minor surgery, musculoskeletal, joint injections.

Dr Samantha English

Tuesday, Thursday

Interests: women’s health, child health, sexual health, family planning.

Dr Benjamin Hattaway

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Interests: teaching and training.

Dr Eugenie George

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Interests: women’s Health, joint injections, sexual health

Dr Jonathan Worthy

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Interests: diabetes, ENT, minor surgery.

Dr Samantha Foster

Monday and Thursday

Interests: respiratory, mental Health

Dr Clare Patel

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Interests: diabetes, women's health, teaching and training

Dr Holly Quinton

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Interests: Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, General Medicine

Dr Mhairi Barnes

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Interests: cancer, palliative care, teaching and training

Dr Stephanie Duck

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Interests: women’s health, child health, family planning.

Nurse Practitioners 

Jayne Blackburn

Emma Coates

Dawn Taylor

Caroline Carson


Clare Moses

Alex Browne

Lei Lim


Caroline Kelly

Sophie Beckham

Rebekah Fenwick

Healthcare Assistants

Julie Telford

Paula Hambleton

Rebecca Clark