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Spring Covid Booster Clinic from 11th May 2024

We are holding our spring covid booster clinic on Saturday 11th May from 9am to 1pm. This clinic will be by appointment only. We are contacting eligible patients to book their appointments.

Below is a reminder of the eligibility criteria

Pharmacy First

For the 7 common conditions, pharmacists will follow a robust clinical pathway which includes self care and safety-netting advice and, only if appropriate, supplying a restricted set of prescription only medicines without the need to visit a GP.

Spring Covid Boosters 💉

We will be sending out invitations from next week to eligible patients.

Please do not contact us before then as we need to ensure our vaccines are delivered before offering patients appointments.

We will be vaccinating care home and housebound patients first.

Other eligible patients will be invited after this.

Queens Road Surgery

Spring 2024 COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Eligible cohorts in spring 2024

Visits to older adult care homes and eligible housebound patients should begin on the 15th April 2024. For all other eligible cohorts, vaccinations should start by 22nd April 2024 and end on 30th June 2024.

Please do not contact the surgery, we will be in touch with eligible patients once vaccines become available and we have clinics arranged to book your appointment.

Podiatry Self-Referral

Have you got a non-urgent problem with your feet?

You don't need to come and see your GP anymore!  Our patients can refer themselves directly to Podiatry at County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust to be seen and treated.

All you need to do is complete the below link or email [email protected] they will then send you an electronic referral form to complete and return to them. You can also contact them by telephone on 01388 455 200


This could save you up to 3 weeks' worth of waiting by avoiding the need for a GP referral.

CDDFT Podiatry Self-Referral Survey (surveymonkey.co.uk)

Travel Vaccines

GP surgeries are working under increasing pressure and must prioritise the services they can provide. We no longer offer a full travel service. The NHS has a very comprehensive website, giving the information you need to identify any vaccines advised for trips abroad, and ensure that you stay as healthy as possible.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the Fit For Travel website.

Disease Vaccines Boosters
DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio) Revaxis 10 yearly (if had 5, no booster needed)
Hepatitis A Havrix, Avaxim 25 years after 2nd dose
Typhoid Typherix, Typhim vi 3 yearly
Cholera Dukoral**  

** Not commonly required.

Other vaccinations may be necessary for more exotic or unusual destinations, complex travel itineraries, or long stay vacations. These need to be given at a high street travel clinic. There will be a charge for these. If you would rather have all of your vaccinations done at these clinics, they can also give the vaccines above but they will charge for these.

We strongly advise you to check your requirements at least three months before travel, as sometimes a course of up to three vaccinations needs to be given over the course of several weeks.

It is your responsibility to ascertain which vaccinations (and, if relevant, anti-malaria tablets) you need, and also to inform yourself fully of recommended travel safe precautions. To do this, you should visit Travel Health Pro or the Fit For Travel website and read the information relevant to the country you are visiting.

The ‘vaccinations for some travellers’ section usually relates to back-packers, people travelling for more than 4 weeks, or special situations, e.g. working in health care projects, or with animals. If you are planning such a trip you need to make arrangements to have these at a high street travel clinic.

If you think that you need any of the vaccinations provided by the NHS, please attend a travel clinic and then hand your form in at reception clearly marking what country you are visiting. Our practice nurse will check our stock and your travel form then you will be contacted with an appointment. Please do not make appointment without visiting a travel clinic and having your printout as this will be a wasted appointment.